Home-visit long-term care, home-visit nursing care, day care and dementia care in Kishiwada and Izumi, Osaka.

Dementia care

We are promoting the society for elderly people especially for dementia by medical care and home-visit nursing care. The baby boom generation became over 65 years old in Japan.
Elderly people’s population is over 30 million and number of elderly people is increasing day by day.

1/4 person is dementia or reserve people.

The dementia elderly people are about 4.6 million people and reserve people (Mild Cognitive Impairment) are over 4 million, the total is 8.6 million people by Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare estimation.

Furthermore number of dementia elderly people will be about 7 million in 2025. It will increase in a brief period of the years.

The dementia and MCI elderly people are missing or take a stroll over 10 thousand people in a year and still missing or death elderly people are over 500.

Promote a better understanding about dementia.

There are several projects for dementia activity which are Run-Tomo; sash relay through Japan, D-Series; softball tournament by dementia, Marui-Kai; take a walk around in community and get information, Kazokuno-kai・Dementia Cafe are promoting all over the Japan.

Make a line by a dotted line

There are various researches for dementia, but that is not enough, need more develop.

The theme for now, promotions are working by separately, so they need to get together to work in a community for dementia.

That’s why Nobana

Nobana has technical knowledge on Medicare and welfare and we work on dementia to be the first to do.

About dementia care

New Orange Plan and dementia care pass

New Orange Plan was published in January, 2015 instead of Orange Plan.

  • develop the understand for dementia
  • offer the proper medical care are and welfare depend on a condition
  • build up a measure to secondary dementia
  • support for care giver
  • to make comfortable community for the elderly include dementia
  • promote the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehab and nursing on dementia
  • important point of view by dementia people and their family

There are 5 stages for dementia care, the important point is to connect with community, medical care, care giver and their family at each stage.

  • Preventive

    At preventive stage, we can notice small difference to keep doing co-imagination method and cognicise, and to take appropriate medical care at early stage, they can prevent to get the worth.

  • Occur

    Medical care and long-term care need to relate each other because to support (home-visit long –term care) their life and strengthen which they cannot (home-visit nursing care and rehab).

  • Middle

    At this stage, it will increase the burden imposed on family support. And the purpose of preventive is not getting worth anymore.

  • Severely

    There is another choice to live in long-term facility if homecare is not easy for the family.

The most important thing is improving the community band.

‘Nobana’ is offering all services on every stage, and have connection with Social Welfare Council and Volunteer center. We are building the community for dementia people and help to be generally known about co-imagination method and cognicise in communities.
We are sharing the success cases with medical and long-term care people through Visible Intelligent Case Conference and still keep thinking what we should do in our society.
These activities will make the strong community at, home and neighborhood. We are willing to make the society which help by various way if something happen to them.