Home-visit long-term care, home-visit nursing care, day care and dementia care in Kishiwada and Izumi, Osaka.

What we can do and we must do

We are operating home care support service, home-visit long-term care, home-visit nursing care, day service, and long-term facilities, so our customers can decide our services depend on their occasions.
By number of elderly people are increasing rapidly, the requests on medical care and long-term care service are changing day by day. The real care is not just looking at the problem. It is looking at their future individually. They need these kinds of service in near future, so we offer it in totally.
The theme of an aging society is building pleasant society. How we could communicate with medical care and long-term care in community?
In the society, we specialized in medical care and long-term care, so we can use our skills and we contribute to society.

This industry is still developing especially for the dementia, we are moving on hypothesis. So we always look back and check them, then keep moving on to next. We always keep that attitude.
The welfare is not majority vote. There are many ways to take care for each customer, it is depending on them.

Dementia? Or person?

Do you look at symptom or personality?

  • No one can see what they think, but we can feel it.
  • No one can see their thought, but we can feel sympathy.

Everything is for the customer’s benefit

The welfare has meaning of people’s well-being, on the other hand, medical care is to take off the source of disease for their well-being. Basically both things meaning are same, but care is different way.

Diabetics should not have sweets at medical care but long-term care think different way about it. They know it is not good to diabetics however if they feel happiness when they have little bit sweets, this is good on their well-being.

This is simple example, but welfare and medical care stand by different way, so it is difficult to have the balance of care even on us.

We need to think how we can be with customer, what they really want to be happy, we have to make sure their condition to compound welfare and medical care. After that the answer will come out.

Everything is for the customer’s benefit

We always keep that mind and today we promote on welfare and medical care.