Home-visit long-term care, home-visit nursing care, day care and dementia care in Kishiwada and Izumi, Osaka.

What you need now. That’s the support by the community.

President Masahide Tomita

Welcome to our site.
We’re operating home care support service, home-visit long-term care, home-visit nursing care, long-term facilities for elderly.
We try to build the society for the elderly people with medical care and long-term care services in the community cause of number of elderly people are increasing rapidly.

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Home care support service (care plan)

FAQs to use the service
Schedule and period of the service
Help for approved for long-term care
Preparation and review of care plan
Introduce to the nursing home

Home-visit long-term care

Dementia, mental(psychiatric), other sickness is fine
Home-visit long-term care
Support for the ADL

Day service

Day service for dementia
Specialist for dementia at day service

Home-visit nursing care

Home-visit nursing care for dementia
Communicate with family doctor
Medical care at home
Mental(psychiatric) care
Support for family